• 8Mode Ceramic Hybrid Bearing


    8Mode Ceramic Hybrid Bearing

    The 8Mode Ceramic Hybrid is an outstanding 608 type bearing that is ideal for fidget spinners. Ceramic Hybrids combine ceramic ball bearings with stainless steel raceways. The hard ceramic provides lower friction and a smoother feel with longer spin...

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  • 8Mode Full Ceramic Bearing


    8Mode Full Ceramic Bearing

    100% Zirconium Ceramic bearing provides the lowest possible friction. This results in longer spin times and an exceptional feel when used in a hand fidget spinner. Ceramics can last 5-20 times longer than steel and are not susceptible to corrosion.

  • Set of models for 3D printing


    Set of models for 3D printing

    After your order, you will be able to download a ZIP file containing all of the original STL models of the 8Mode spinner. You can use these models to print your own cases with a 3D Printer. You can use the parts from an original 8Mode Spinner (circuit...

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