8Mode Multi-Function Spinner - Ceramic Hybrid Bearing

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8Mode Multi-Function Spinner with Ceramic Hybrid Bearing

 Features a spinning Point of View LED display. Shows real-time information such as RPM, Spin Time, Pocket Watch (Clock), Programmable Text, Effects, and Games!

  • 8 Brilliant LED lights display real-time text and graphics as it spins!
  • Reports RPM Speed, Spin Count, Spin Timer, Effects and Games
  • Display is easily readable at any spin speed indoors or outside
  • Solid quality 3D printed enclosure
  • Press the button, select mode, and spin!
  • Batteries are included and are user replaceable.

8 Amazing Modes

  • RPM - A built in tachometer displays real time RPM (Revolutions per minute) as you spin
  • Customizable Text - Easily program and display a custom text message. Does not require a computer, phone or cables
  • Pocket Watch - Spin and displays the current time. Very accurate and easy to set. 
  • Spin Count - Displays a real time count of how many times the spinner spins
  • Effects - Interesting effect patterns fill the display
  • Spin Timer - Start your spin and a stopwatch shows you how long you spin
  • The Whirlacle - Ask the Whirlable your deepest questions and spin for a "magical" answer
  • Statistics - Reports statistics on Max speed, spin count and longest spin time
  • Secret mode - A hidden mode will make you wise if you can find it


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